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The Design Process

The services that we provide as design professionals are vital to ensure a thoroughly well-thought out project. It is our job to understand not only the physical and practical aspects of your project (such as site issues and zoning requirements), but to integrate that with your needs and wishes and how you will be using your space.

The design process can be confusing to people who have never worked with an architect before. Here are the steps we use to help our clients through the process.

  1. The Initial Meeting
  2. We meet with you (at no charge) at your home or place of business to discuss your ideas.

  3. The Proposal
  4. We present you a proposal listing all the services we will provide and the fee for those services.

  5. Schematic Design
  6. This includes studying the relevant city or township codes, site observation, and producing sketches showing diagrams of options for your design.

  7. Design Development
  8. This is further refining and development of a few options of the schematic design.

  9. Permit Drawings
  10. These are the drawings for the township and the builder's use.

  11. Construction Administration
  12. We visit the site as it is under construction and attend job meetings with the contractor to assure the outcome of the project is what you want.

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